FrontEndMasters - Webpack Workshop

On Monday, 8/8/16, I was able to attend a workshop at Front End Masters. As always, Front End Master does a great job in bringing an expert in to explain a seemingly complex developement tool; Webpack.

Web Pack

Webpack is an open source module bundler. The bundler makes it easy to handle different types of files such as CSS, HTML and JS all as the same. This means you’re able to automate many steps all in the same place that would normally need to be done in seprate areas.

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds hosts many podcasts; works on many open source packages, and is very active in the community. Kent really showed his love for Web Pack with the incredible Github Repo that he uses for this workshop and the version on Egghead.

Front End Masters

FrontEndMasters hosts workshops created by leading experts in Front End Development. The workshops can be attended locally; Twins Cities Minnesota or remotely.

They record the workshops and for a montly fee you have full access to their every going library.