Located in Savage, Minnesota, FrontEndMasters is a company that provides top-notch workshops that are attended in person or remotely. The workshops are normally a single day, covering a single topic in extreme depth. By attending a workshop, they give each person a subscription to the archived courses that they have had.

FrontEndMasters uses a chat room to allow everyone the ability to ask questions, even when remote. I still prefer to attend in person. nothing beats being able to met someone new.

Chrome Dev Tools LIVE

On 27 May, 2016 I was able to attend Jon Kuperman’s awesome talk about the latest in the Chrome Dev Tools. Jon did a wonderful job in covering a huge amount of information during the workshop. There was still plenty of time to go over challenges that allowed us to practise the material being given.

Did I learn?

Jon had put together a Node Project that made it very easy to practice all the panels that Chrome Dev tools contain.

I was very surprised on how Chrome has added the ability to save edits to local files. While it won’t work with some work flows, I think it’ll make a great way of working with smaller projects. Or just to work on widgets.

JavaScript has always had an issue with not playing nice when it comes with debuggers. Chrome has an extensive set of JavaScript tools to make stepping through and tracing the logic of a JavaScript application extremely easy.

Chrome has an incredible array of tools to determine memory, network and rending usage. It makes it very easy to find exactly how much resources a web page it using. Jon took time to look at some of the attendee’s web sites and show how using the Dev Tools can show weak points in the site. Within minutes a quick list was made for site on what to look at to make the site more responsive, faster loading and more stable.

My Take Away

Workshops are a great way of extending a developer’s knowledge. FrontEndMasters makes it easy and enjoyable to step up my skill set. I look forward to attending many more.