A minimalist CSS framework => We all know that Bootstrap is a buzz term that even non developers will had heard. But sometimes, Bootstrap has too much included. Sometimes all you need is some standard CSS to get a basic site ready for showtime. That’s where Milligram comes in.

There are a few minimalist CSS frameworks out there. I’ve tried out Milligram and I’ve found it easy to install and easy to use. The home page gives a full list of the parts that need to be added to webpage.

The part that amazed me was just added it to the page cleaned adjusted the web page almost instantly. It focuses first on resetting the default styling right out of the box. This resetting also helps with making sure that the page looks the same on every browser.

Even if you have a designer, prepping a CSS file, I’d recommended loading Milligram until the CSS becomes available. This way, the bare web site has a polished look while you are testing it.

I’d recommend watching the video for a quick walk through and then check out the home page for Milligram. All of this is included in the Reference section of this post.


Milligram’s home page - Milligram

A Quick video from Framework.TV showing Milligram in action -

Milligram’s Github Repo -